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Types of Homes in Utah

Monday, June 02, 2014

What kind of home are you planning to sell? No matter what type of home you're thinking about listing, in UTAH there are trends in the market that will play a role in your sale. Right now, home prices are starting to climb, which means it's a great time to explore your options and talk to a SALT LAKE CITY real estate agent about how they can help.

Home values continue to climb, for just about every type of home. Currently, single family homes are selling for over $200,000. Condos are selling at $165,000. One great thing about the UTAH home buyers market is that it is extremely diverse. Families are very attracted to the state, but within that, home sales vary widely from single family to townhouses to mobile/manufactured to vacation homes. This means that no matter what type of home you plan to list, there are buyers out there looking for it.

These days, the average single family home is sitting on the market for about four months. That's a dramatic improvement from homes sitting for up to two years in the recent past. Thinking about listing? This is the time to move ahead. There are buyers looking to get into a great place all across the SALT LAKE VALLEY and your home may just be the exact place they are looking for.

A UTAH real estate agent can tell you more. Finding the right homes for the right buyers is what they do. Worried your house may not sell? Need to sell in a hurry? Don't worry about it – your real estate agent will have you covered. The market is favorable to sellers right now, so don't hesitate to explore listing your home. It may just be the perfect time you've been waiting for.