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Staging Your Utah Home For Listing

Friday, June 27, 2014

"Staging" your home is the process by which you make it look completely unlike you and completely like someone else – someone who may want to buy it, which is the point. Studies have shown that sellers who take the time to stage their home properly have a higher rate of sales than those who don't. The general rule is to help buyers see your BLUFFDALE home as their own, which they can't do if it looks like you still live there.

The kitchen is the primary spot that UTAH buyers will look at and it's worth taking the time to stage it for sale. A few tips include:

De-clutter your countertops, limiting yourself to two must-have items. Coffee maker and toaster; Toaster and blender; Utensils and coffee maker. However, you decide to choose is up to you, but pick only too and scrub the countertops, grout, floors, trim, spouts and everything else as though the sale depends on it – because it may.

Rearrange if necessary. Yes, having the island and the kitchen table are in a great place for you, but it may cause someone else to bump into it when walking. Think about temporarily using a smaller table and removing kitchen racks, baker's shelves and other items out of the way so buyers can see what a great, open space your kitchen is.

Set a centerpiece on the table. No, it's not practical for everyday, but it keeps a sense of serenity in the space, rather than hinting at the chaos of everyday life in your HERRIMAN home. Remove anything that is broken and upgrade where necessary. New window treatments and a fresh coat of paint will do wonders, too.