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Is Your Utah Home Ready to Sell?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Listing your home for sale is a big deal, as other sellers will tell you. Experiences can range from wonderful to horrible and a lot goes into how you feel about it all once your RIVERTON home has been sold. Luckily, the market is currently primed and waiting for new listings, making it the perfect time to contact your UTAH real estate agent to discuss your sale.

Getting your home ready is a huge step in the process. What you see in your home is typically more sentimental than practical, whereas a buyer will nitpick at every, little detail. So you'll need to address as many as you reasonably can.

One of the first things a buyer sees is the outside of the house. Is the paint chipping? Are the shrubs overgrown? Is the garden covered in weeds or dead leaves? Take a look at the outside of your home and pretend that someone interested in moving into the TAYLORSVILLE area is seeing it for the first time. What will they see? The outside of your home could very easily influence a buyer for the better, or worse before they bother to go in. A simple and cost-effective way to dress up the outside, after you have cleaned and cleared clutter, is to paint the front door and door jambs. If you have a garage door, paint that too – a similar shade, but darker than its current color. Red usually draws the eye, which is great for the front door, so buyers look there first.

Take a few steps like incorporating cleaning, de-cluttering and strategic paint jobs on the outside of the house, and you'll be surprised at what a different it makes.