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Is Your Utah Home Energy Efficient?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Is your UTAH home energy trendy? You may not have thought about it before, but if you're planning to sell your home, buyers looking to get into the SALT LAKE CITY area will be looking for some things that you'll want your home to have. Most people get the lawn and yard cleaned up, add a fresh coat of paint and rearrange the furniture, but what you're not looking at – buyers will.

Energy efficiency is trending in a big way right now in UTAH, say real estate experts. More and more, buyers are looking for homes with upgrades that make them efficient in a variety of ways. If your home is outdated, it may cost you a buyer as people want a home that won't cost a fortune to heat, cool and run appliances, do the laundry and other every day necessities. Energy Star appliances are worth the investment and they'll get you a tax break, too. Consider upgrading your most outdated energy-using equipment before you list your LEHI home.

What about windows? Although windows aren't the biggest selling point for appearance, they are one of the top things a buyer looks as when considering energy efficiency. Having a well-insulated attic will help keep heating and cooling costs down, too, which is another easy-to-address selling point. The investment may come back to you in the sale.

If you've done the upgrades, and want to go the extra mile to really impress buyers, keep the last year's worth of energy bills handy. Let your UTAH real estate agent show them to buyers so they can see for themselves that even with hot SANDY summers and icy winters in the SALT LAKE VALLEY, your home will keep them covered.