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Buying A Duplex Or Single Family Residence In Utah

Monday, June 09, 2014

Is it a better deal to buy a duplex or a single family residence in UTAH? That's a good question, considering that families are pouring into the SALT LAKE VALLEY in greater and greater numbers. With the market being strong for buyers and a new influx of homes cropping up, buyers are interested in all the great things that the areas in and around SALT LAKE CITY have to offer.

While duplexes offer a tremendous amount of convenience, they tend to be overpriced, according to real estate watchers. For a family looking around the PROVO, OREM or LEHI areas, single family residences are a better option. With more control over how you live and what you do with your home, a single family residence is a strong purchase in this real estate climate.

For sellers looking to list anywhere between ALPINE and SALT LAKE CITY, keep in mind that family-friendly is a big selling point. From the local schools to the shopping to access to city life, families are looking for a home that fits their way of living. The good news is, every family has its own unique ideas of what the "perfect" home is. While a duplex can still be a great seller, even to families, resist the urge to price it high and stay competitive with market rates.

Buyers who are planning to purchase a home in UTAH can range from singles to families and everything in between. With a strong real estate market all around, the important thing is to know the market well enough to make an informed decision, when buying or selling. A UTAH real estate agent can tell you more.